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Project management is a profession applicable in all fields, whether for material or intangible projects.
This diversity allows us to continuously enrich our methodology and expertise in project management, and to make use of it for our missions and our clients.


In order to remain competitive, industrial companies must constantly invest heavily in: 

- build sites;

- Develop new products;

- Upgrade or transfer facilities;

- Adaptation of sites to new regulations; 

- To ensure maintenance and minimized impact on production.

Strategic, financial, human and environmental issues are often significant. In this context, the implementation of an effective industrial project management to control the triptych Cost-Time-Quality is essential.


Major building projects, whether in the public or private sector, because of their complexity:
- The volume and technicality of the studies and work to be carried out;
- The large number of intervening entities to be coordinated;
- Deadline, cost and quality issues;
- Administrative procedures to be managed;
- Interfaces with their environment;Requires the implementation of a building project management from their launch to completion.



Transport infrastructure for people and goods is an essential vector for the economic and social development of a country, a region or an urban community and its deployment is characterized by:

- Heavy investments;

- Long project duration;

- Insertion into a generally dense urban fabric;

- A multiplicity of actors;

- A significant political component;

Knowing that the management and success of transport projects requires an effective implementation, the NT Design team will provide you with a clear vision at all decision-making levels, both on the organization, the progress and in the proactive coordination of actors. 


The transfer of activities and commissioning involves, in addition to technical components, often sensitive human and social factors.

With NT Design whatever the field of activity, our engineers ensure this phase of transfer and commissioning in a very special and delicate way to keep your project alive, before the transition to operational mode.



Urban development projects involve a high degree of complexity linked to extensive intervention scopes, involving many actors, strong operational constraints and significant impacts on local life.

The establishment of a structured project management system is essential to ensure coordinated operations and compliance with strategic and operational objectives.

NT Design brings its expertise to communities throughout the projects in order to give a clear vision on the organization and progress of operations, and to ensure coordination between the actors.



To remain competitive and efficient, companies are constantly adapting their organization and information system to the demands of the market and new technologies.

The success of information system projects in meeting cost and time targets is therefore a key issue.

NT Design enables these objectives to be met through its expertise in information system project management.

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