Fashion trends to forget and adopt in 2022

Updated: Jan 1

2022 is fast approaching! And as every new year, some clothing trends will bow out to give way to a breath of fresh air with new fashion trends in 2022, here is a look at fashion trends in and out.

Prepare you to say goodbye to skinny because they are becoming increasingly rare, in 2022, we turn instead to jeans with a straight or loose leg.

While mini handbags are super cute, let's face it, there's nothing practical about these tiny handbags. In 2022, we opt for practicality with tote bags and backpacks offering more storage space.

The Biker Short, definitely a trend that I wore a lot, especially for its comfort. In 2022, it fades quietly to make way for larger models. That being said, it is perfect for an indoor outfit.

The athleisure look will be an uncourteous fashion in 2022. Personally, this is one of my favorite looks when I want to prioritize comfort. To adopt this style, we combine pieces of sportswear with others more dressed. For example, a loose blazer with leggings and sneaker.

Quilting, especially on a sleeveless jacket or coat, is definitely a trend that is not about to go away! We love this texture for its comfort and the warmth it provides for cold winter days.

The fringes are making a comeback for the year 2022. These are a great way to add movement to your looks! We will see it especially on blazers, but also on accessories such as handbags.

The ample blazer was very in 2021 and it will remain just as much for the year 2022. It is arranged with clean pants for the office or with jeans for a more casual look. Or, we go for the total by wearingit alone, like a dress.

The leather effect shorts (or in any other material, except denim), is worn perfectly with tights for the cold temperatures of the moment. So we get a clean and very stylish outfit for the year 2022.

The trouser style pants are THE confo pants of the year 2022! Being looser at the level of its cut, it is worn with a more adjusted top in order to balance everything and obtain a beautiful balance.

To bring out the feminine side of the whole, bralettes are now an integral part of the look. We will particularly see this trend with a loose blazer or an oversized shirt ajar, where we can see the bralette underneath.

Now, you know what remains to be done to be fashionable in 2022.

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