Consulate General of Cameroon in Dubai, a 5-star services.

Expatriating abroad and maintaining business relations there requires us to settle a lot of formalities beforehand. Formalities which in some cases will require us to present a legalized document or renewal of documents such as passport. However, in this case, most individuals and entrepreneurs are unaware of the procedure to follow and are generally scammed as I am was a victim on my arrival in the United Arab Emirates (Dubaï).

The ambassador his entire staffs have ponderous missions among others to defend the interests of their compatriots, But I was a bit sceptic because of my experience with some administrative services and some of my compatriots who do not hesitate to defraud without any remorsefulness.

Few days ago, I absolutely had to renew my son’s passport and I was anxious because we are in a foreign country, nevertheless, I went at the Consulate General of my country in Dubaï I was surprise to be given a 5-star services.

As soon as I arrived, the security guard informed me of the necessary documents required, he guided me throughout the process and I noted the date of my appointment at the Consulate General of Cameroon for the renewal of passport.

It all began with welcoming people in several languages, at least the two languages spoken in Cameroon. Whether you are an Anglophone or a Francophone you will have no trouble with communicating. Added to this is the attributes of the staffs which is very perceptive from the security guard to the Consul General, as well as the administrative service.

The services for which I came for was rendered me without an additional fee to the one that was officially announced. For me these are important points of reassured and to trust Cameroonians.

In addition to its good geographical location, the Consulate General of Cameroon in Dubai offers high-end services. Its main strength lies in its ability to present undeniable services in a welcoming environment without favoritism, corruption and bribery.

Because of the profound differences between the Cameroonian legal system and that of the United Arab Emirates, it is difficult to know which institution to turn to or whom to trust. However, be rest assured! The Consulate General of Cameroon in the United Arab Emirates strives to disseminate accurate information, with the aim of informing and assisting compatriots in their expatriation efforts. For Cameroonians who want to settle in the United Arab Emirates, in other for you open a company, I urge you to check with the staff of the Consulate for the procedures in order to avoid having you scammed as I am a victim.

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