How Digital Can Benefit Your Business

What does the growing number of online opportunities mean to you?

In this article, we’ll talk about the essential components of digital, how they can benefit your business, and how to get started.

Imagine that you are a Chef and that your activity has progressed only thanks to recommendations. For the moment you don’t have an online presence yet, but you want to give a new dimension to your business.

How can an online presence contribute to the success of your company? One of the biggest benefits of such a presence on the internet is to take advantage of the search results as being present on the internet means that you will be visible when people connect and look for a business like yours.

If someone search a restaurant in Dubai, and your restaurant appears in the results, how can your business take advantage of it? Well, the possibilities are almost endless.

When customers click on a link to your website, they can learn a lot about you. For example, they can watch a video that you post on a special recipe on your menu that shows your know-how in this area, they can read the testimonials of satisfied customers, they may look at your price list, will look for your restaurant on a map and they will see for example that you often offer a free meal to all new customers. Perhaps he will fill out a form to ask you a question where you request home delivery. They can even click links to your social media pages or they can find more recipes, photos and videos.

Your online presence can also provide you with valuable insight into potential customers and what they are looking for and how to meet their needs.

How? Well, digital allows you to display ads targeted to Internet users when it searches for the type of service you offer. For example, by using ads from the search network you can display some ads to potential customers such as people doing searches for a restaurant in Dubai.

You can also make sure the ads are only displayed in a specific geographic area around your restaurant and learn how to use the analytics tools to find out if people click on your ad, visit your site, or if they do specific actions, for example fill out a form, watch a video and many others.

It’s interesting not! But, how to start well? First of all, do not be afraid, the tools and technique available today are very easy to take in hand, to use and to obtain.

For many companies the biggest challenge of an online presence is to create an action plan and not to take charge of the different tools.

List of essential points you need to take into account:

1- The field of possibilities: Web ( Mobile, social networks ( ).

2- Technology and content: choose whether you want to control the creative technical aspects of your site yourself, which may require time or call on a professional (, Take the hit and the time into account by defining a realistic budget and achievable, clear and precise deadlines.

Every day, thousands of small business owners take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the web, such as the opportunity to connect with customers close to them or living around the world. It is time to make the Big Seal and switch to digital.

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