How to cultivate well-being in business

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Well-being in the workplace is a real factor in productivity and employee loyalty. But actually... What is happiness at work? How to create a healthy environment within your company?

Holidays, compliments, layout of the premises... The improvement of working conditions has a direct impact on the feelings of employees and on the quality of employees' work. Corporate well-being plays a crucial role in preventing absenteeism and promoting performance.

Today, salary is no longer the only one to count. Recent studies show that the level of remuneration is no more important than health or well-being.

In fact, employee happiness has a direct impact on their motivation. Well-being in business boosts productivity. The more well an employee feels about themselves, the more productive they will be.

Improved working conditions also help managers and management to reduce absenteeism and to combat burnout and brown-out.

Le Burn-Out

Le stress au travail et le burn-out peuvent coûter cher au travailleur. Mais aussi à l’entreprise. Les cas de syndrome d’épuisement liés au travail ne cessent de se multiplier. Le manque d’autonomie, de reconnaissance et de connexion sociale peut mener droit au burn-out.

Aux employeurs de calmer le jeu : ne pas demander à leurs employés de faire mille choses à la fois, d’aller le plus vite possible et d’être réactif dans les minutes qui suivent une demande.

The Burn-Out

Stress at work and burnout can cost the worker dearly. But also to the company. Work-related cases of exhaustion syndrome continue to multiply. Lack of autonomy, recognition and social connection can lead to burnout.

It's up to employers to calm things down: don't ask their employees to do a thousand things at once, go as fast as possible and be responsive within minutes of a request.

Domestic resignation

We must not believe that because people are there, loyal to the position, everything is fine. Internal resignation exists. And it is toxic. This new concept is also called "brown-out". It literally means "drop in power". The brown-out occurs when the employee considers that his job has no meaning.

An embellished and comfortable workspace

A pleasant place to work contributes to well-being in the company. Think in particular of a modular space, a nap room or a rooftop. However, we must not believe that by creating a fun workplace with table football and two hammocks, workers will immediately feel relaxed.

Well-being at work is linked to something much more human. Developments must have a real impact.

A good understanding and a relationship of trust between colleagues

Teamwork can sometimes degenerate. Tensions between colleagues, dysfunctions: the collective balance and stability of the group are upset. Harassment at work can also make things worse. A good understanding between colleagues has a beneficial effect on well-being in the company and on fulfillment at work.

En conclusion

Vous l’avez compris : le bien-être en entreprise est un ensemble de facteurs subjectifs qui permettent au travailleur de se sentir bien dans sa peau et dans son job. Lorsque les conditions de travail sont mauvaises, la souffrance au travail mène parfois l’employé vers l’épuisement. Or, un salarié malheureux et fatigué est un salarié improductif.

Améliorer les conditions de travail n’est aujourd’hui plus une option : c’est une nécessité. Les employés ont besoin de reconnaissance, de jours de congé. Ils veulent télétravailler et trouver un boulot qui fait sens. Un salaire élevé ne peut remplacer ces différentes exigences.

À l’employé de leur offrir des conditions de travail optimales afin de réduire l’absentéisme, de contribuer à leur bonheur et d’améliorer leur qualité de vie. Privilégier le bien-être au travail ? L’entreprise a tout à y gagner.

Attentive listening on the part of the hierarchy

Many bosses think that an employee works like a machine: as long as it works, there is nothing to say. Warning: the discouragement of the troops looms. Positive feedback is essential. A "bravo" or a "thank you" boost motivation.

For a little originality, business leaders can also propose creative solutions:

  • Yoga courts

  • Massages

  • Meditation sessions

  • An aid in sleep management

  • Nutrition tips

Employees need to feel that their hierarchy cares about their quality of life.

In conclusion

As you can see, well-being in a company is a set of subjective factors that allow the worker to feel good about himself and his job. When working conditions are poor, suffering at work sometimes leads the employee to exhaustion. However, an unhappy and tired employee is an unproductive employee.

Improving working conditions is no longer an option: it is a necessity. Employees need recognition, days off. They want to work from home and find a job that makes sense. A high salary cannot replace these different requirements.

It is up to the employee to offer them optimal working conditions in order to reduce absenteeism, contribute to their happiness and improve their quality of life. Focus on well-being at work? The company has everything to gain.

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