Can cream blush give us pimples? Zoom.

Updated: Jan 1

The cream blush is a beauty ally of size: easy to work, pleasant to wear, it gives an ultra-desirable natural glow. THE PLACE looked at a question that we had not yet dared to ask: does this product that we love give buttons?

Our dermatologist's response: "Any comedogenic product (containing oil) can cause rashes. Often, cream formulations contain comedogenic or acne-causing ingredients, allowing them to blend more effectively on the skin."


If you want to avoid clogged pores, it is better to avoid using products that contain coconut, flax, palm or soy oil. If you see any of these ingredients in your blush, run away! We also stay away from silicones that can clog pores, if they are used every day.


In addition to healthier formulations for sensitive skin, certain daily actions can help minimize cosmetic-related acne. When applying your cream blush, make sure that the brushes used are clean. If you prefer to use your fingers, the same fight: you make sure to wash and disinfect your hands beforehand, so as not to spread the bad bacteria in our products.

Non-comedogenic cream blushes are the best option to avoid clogging pores, as well as an effective facial cleanse at the end of each day and an appropriate acne routine depending on the skin type.

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