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Landing pages funnel web visitors from a link within a source such as an email, social media post, Facebook advertising campaign, direct mail, or pay-per-click ad.  Landing pages generate leads for businesses by enticing interested users to fill out a form or to make a call to the business. Landing pages are a crucial part of the 'Inbound Methodology.

A website has other purposes as well such as providing detailed product information, getting your business found online, and sharing case studies, a good business website is designed around actions you want your visitors to take, and that’s where websites differ from landing pages. Landing pages have emerged as a tool to help marketers in creating a focused offer and call to action. It’s an effective method for getting to know your target audience better and boosting sales conversions.

Today, marketers everywhere are not only using them but they do whatever it takes to optimize their performance. They are looking at buyer behavior, page load times, form lengths, and more to get the most conversions. 

At NT Design we create well-designed landing pages focused on user experience and conversion rate optimization (CRO). We are professional and apply in-depth expertise and modern web design technologies to create high-converting landing pages that drive sales.

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