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Generating leads for businesses is what we do. With over 1 million records in our email database, we can identify your target audience by area, industry, size and many other criteria.

We will guide you through the entire email-marketing process and run the campaign on your behalf, including preparing a design we’re sure will get you the attention you want.

Email marketing is dead; long live email marketing is what certain commentators would have you believe. But the truth is far from it. Email marketing has evolved for sure and it is certainly alive and kicking.

Here is a food for thought. Whether you receive a new friend request on Facebook, a job alert on Linkedin, a new follower on Twitter or a new post on Instagram, you will still be notified via an email alert. If you look at it through another way you will realise that the first act you will do when coming to work is checking what mail have you received for the day.

Without a doubt, email marketing can play a crucial role in enhancing your business. An email marketing campaign executed in the right manner can increase your chances of success.

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Our in-house data cleaning process spits out all the bounces, unsubscribes & outdated information.

Mail servers are set up and configured for optimum sending - warmed up over a number of weeks with test sends and results monitored.

Your dedicated account manager discusses your needs to find your target audience - filtering our database of over 1 million records by industry, location, size and many more.

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