Company Brand Book

The corporate brand book is distinguished by special attention to building corporate communications, which forms the company's image in the eyes of partners, customers and employees. The main focus will be on the logo, recommendations for integrating visual constants into the space and a block of business documentation with a full list of required media.

Project Brand Book

Project activities are most often aimed at creating a unique product or service. The success of a project depends on the strategic part - mission, values and communication characteristics. A brand book of this type contains a voluminous strategy, and the main emphasis in it is placed on the rules for the design of Internet communications and the site guideline.

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Brand Book

A unique corporate identity for your business that increases value and attracts an army of fans of your brand in the market.

The development of a brand book allows you to systematize and structure information about the company. Helps to form a holistic brand image and improve the efficiency of marketing processes.

Who might need to create a Brand Book?

Brands of different segments have systematic differences in the structural content of the brand book. The brand book of the region or the brand book of national projects will differ from the brand book of the store, since the branding of the territory and the retail space pursue different goals.